Monday, July 26, 2010

So, yesterday...we started off at 8:30am. Got coffee at Tina's favorite coffee shop here. Its great to have a professor that likes coffee just as much as me. :) Then we headed to the Getty Center. More or less a big art museum. I enjoyed it a lot. They had a garden and plenty of art pieces for us art students to drool over. And unlike the High Museum back home, your allowed to take pictures of the piece save for the contemporary photography. It was a lot of walking that my knee bothered me. I'm trying to prevent that today. But at any rate, we headed to the Siggraph convention to pick up our badges. We walked around a bit there. Got a preview of things to come. We don't have a full conference pass so we can't see everything. For those who dont know, full conference = $800. Yeah, those nerds are rolling in the dough. Even hours was $400 each. We saw some animations, then headed to preview of papers or talks. Very, very, very nerdy. Like math meets, 3d animation and motion, meets art. All rolled up into one con. They had machines that will do a 3d rendering of your 3d model. Like if you where to make toys or needed a maquette. Very cool stuff. Then me and Miranda tried a little workshop of sewing thread that could carry a current to a battery that would light up a led. Inside of our button contained tool, and another conductive material that would also give the led a on and off state. You could apply these to your everyday clothes if you wanted. lol We went to the book store after that. I got an art of Up book and a tutorial for Dynamic figure drawing. I guess I'll save my other monies for souvenirs for people back home. And yes, everything is expensive here. Its LA/Holly Wood and the taxes are higher. Then we had dinner and came back to the hotel and crashed. Well, I stayed up and did homework then showered. Yep, bed 3:30sm GA time, and up @ 7:30am LA time.
Today where going back to Siggraph. But this time where bringing our demo reels to get feedback and hopefully a job or internship. Will see. This week is full of possibilities.

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