Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, Since we have been none stop for the past few days I'm kinda behind on updating my blog. I'll start on monday and work my way to wendesday. On monday we started off grabbing some breakfast then heading to Psyop studios. Psyop does commercials mostly. Some of which you've probably have seen on Tv. Like the hp commercials or coke. They are a smaller company, but they do pretty much everything in house. The staff was very friendly. They fed us, gave us free stuff. Totally awesome. 3 guys of which viewed our reels and gave us helpful feed back. Two of which went to Scad, including the art director. His suggestions he gave us was insightful. Go where the jobs are. Most of which are in California. Recruiters like to know if they hire you, your ready to go basically. The thing that I keep going back and forth with is that the cost of living is a lot higher in LA then Atlanta. You could be in LA and looking for well over a year and still not get anything. I don't know anyone enough out here that I could be comfortable enough to crash on their couch that long. And I really don't want to be one of those people who just mooch. I hate that, and I don't want to do it to anyone. If I had a way to give something back for using their water and sleeping there would be one thing. Its one of those things of taking a chance and see what happens. Like the guys at Psyop where saying, either sink or swim. Keep improving yourself while your looking. They told me that I need to focus my reel to models and put my other stuff to the back or in a separate vid in the menu. Put an Occlusion pass on the model to bring out detail. Visible wireframe in the turnaround. Stills of art work in a flatbook and not in the reel. I also interviewed with Microsoft. I got different feedback on my reel from them. The thing is what ever company you want to work most for you go back and do those specific changes for them. Or both. I plan on taking that feedback from the guys at Psyop and changing my reel for them. I believe that I would do better starting off in a smaller company. Though I'm still going to keep my options open. Why can't I still have my eye on working for Dreamworks some day?
Psyop also has a location in New York. The thing is they have good relations with Scad and their willing to help. Scad seems to be huge out here. I had no idea. There are over 100 Scad students who work at Rhythm and Hues. Insane! All the suggestions and info I've been getting I'm just absorbing. When I get home I have a lot to think about. What is that next step going to be?

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