Saturday, July 24, 2010

So, most of the day was spent in the airport and on the plane. Though I did play a Star Wars slot machine at Vegas. My effort to see the death star bonus round was shot down pretty quickly. I'll probably skip the boring stuff. Though the women who sat next to me to LA thought she could prop her feet all over my purse, then had the nerve to elbow me in the side and not say excuse me! I mean come on People! After checking in to our hotel, which is pretty nice. The tub is sunken in! Like you step down into it. There's also a fireplace, lil kitchen and two flat screens, and living room area. But, yeah...we get food and planning on going to Mass up the road. Even though your not suppose to eat an hour before mass...I was feeling weird from not eating much today. The mass was super awesome. On saturdays they do Gregorian chants. So half the mass was in Latin. With the continuous smell of incense I was feeling at ease. Def. more so then here recently. After we headed to grab some snacky poo's for tomorrow. Then I got Lacy a dress. It maybe a bit small for her. They said it has some stretch. So, maybe a little form fitting. lol I know I wouldn't hear the end of it if I didn't buy that dog something. :p People out here go Gaga over their dogs. There are spa's here for dogs. I asked the guy if they do massages for dogs, and he said yes! lol And they color hair, cut hair, manicure, etc. I mean, I love my dogs to death! But a massage! Even I've never had a massage! O_o

Well, tomorrow is suppose to be sight seeing. = a lot of walking. I wearin my puma's. Then will head to Siggraph to pick up our badges. Its 9:45pm here and 12:45 in Atlanta. So, body is still on Atlanta time. And I've been going to bed super late or even not at all. So, should be interesting to see what tomorrow morning will bring. Either I'm going to be up by 5am, or I'm going to be late. Will see I guess.

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