Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday @ Siggraph.

Wednesday started like tuesday did. Breakfast then Siggraph. This was our last day going to the convention. I was going to talk to as many people as I could and get as much free stuff as my bag could hold. lol After going to a couple of panels, spending more money at the book store on a dvd tutorial we left to go back to the job fair. This time Microsoft was going to interview us and review our reels. I was pretty nervous about this one. Though our interviewer seemed even more nervous. I received valuable feedback on my reel. Some a little bit different then from Psyop. But basically focusing my reel more. After our interview everyone wanted to see the "How to Train Your Dragon" panel. I felt it was important to stay in the job fair a bit longer and try to network. I ended up handing my information to Frame Store, Digital Domain, IGT, and a few other companies. From there I left to find the rest of the group at the Dreamworks panel. I waited till they came out. We had some time before the next panel. We soon would try one last trip to the job fair. I wanted to give some support to the undergrads nervous to talk to industry folks. As soon as we walked in a few Scad Alumni stopped us and talked with us over an hour. Both of which work for Rhythm and Hues. They where giving us a ton of advice. Specialize in one thing but know a lot of other things as well. They gave us their business cards and said they where willing to help us any way they could. Having such a huge support system from the Alumni at Scad has made me feel I've made the right decision in going for MFA. Its a higher quality of education that I didn't receive from my undergrad. Scad seemed to be pretty big in LA. There are a lot of alumni working in a lot of different studios.
Towards the end of the day we headed to the Animation Mentor after party. We had hoped to network but it wasn't at all that we expected. Everyone had their own clicks. We felt out of place and decided to leave. It wasn't a huge loss. Not to many professionals where there. Mostly students from the program. At this point we we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the next day. :)

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